Gig review: Revere

Revere. Pic: Comp
Revere. Pic: Comp
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THEY say if you’ve seen the boat you’ve missed it. Case in point: London-based septet Revere.

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Voodoo Rooms

An anthemic outfit whose chamber pop and refined sense of style instantly conjures up comparisons with Arcade Fire; had this been 2007 instead of 2014, they’d probably be playing the Corn Exchange, using the Voodoo Rooms’ Ballroom as an after-party venue instead.

But fashion moves quickly, and as Revere discovered last night – playing to a room of just under 30 people – time can be an affliction.

Nevertheless, they carry a big sound without being loud, are highly watchable without 
having to resort to any gimmicks, and, within the intimate splendor of the Voodoo Rooms, targeted the perfect place to witness their majestic grandeur.

Speaking of grandeur, frontman Stephen Ellis sports the sort of beard Father Christmas would be envious of.

A beanpole figure, his ye olde elegance makes him look like he once led a band of Redcoats around the time of Macbeth.

A fine singer, too. When he wasn’t conveying messages about war, he was thrashing his guitar to bits, a workman’s night-light wrapped around his neck.

Marc Rollins’ Joy Division-style drum riffs, meanwhile, are finely measured, and, in electric fiddle player Ellie Wilson (who you can actually hear), bestow a sound rarely heard since the early days of Ultravox.

Guitarist Seb Pidgeon, on the other hand, spent a lot of his time on his knees fiddling with his effects pedals when he wasn’t cuddling his axe, whereas bassist Russell Cook was so into the music he was punching his own chest at one point.

An inspired cover of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy The Silence seemed rather apt, but let that take nothing away from the band’s very own widescreen sound.

Oceanic in scope and depth, songs such as We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow will sweep you away if you allow it.

Later, Ellis rallied the room, cajoling everyone to clap along as he chanted “we must keep breathing the fire inside”.

The sound engineer screamed “You guys are f****** awesome” and everyone agreed. It’s just a shame so few were there to appreciate it.