GR Ant’s Floor Fillers: Thursday October 4th 2012

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THIS week, we take a listen to the deeper sound of slowed down dubby techno, available to listen to in one continuous mix (second hour after mixtape 006: Jack Stanley).

Track List

Frank Martiniq - Under the Boardwalk (Curle Recordings)

Deep techno with a powerful synth driven groove.

Jurek Przezdziecki - End Of June (Adam Marshall Remix) (Affin)

Percussive driven track, full of Latin flavour and Marshalls explosive remix.

Ricardo Tobar – Esoteric (In Paradisum)

Groovy basslines, sweet melodies and trippy noises make for a rollercoaster ride.

Gabriele Carasco - Outer (AMAM Records)

Beautifully emotive, this musically rich house track is hypnotic and introspective.

Aartekt - Drop the Sabre (Bad Animal)

Dark, earthy techno with a timeless attitude.

Nima Khak - SEARCHING ALL AROUND (FOR YOU) (1:53.2 Records)

Housey love song for techno heads, perfect for those blissed out dance floor moments.

Metope – SecondSkin (Ada Rmx) (Sender Records)

Reissue of the classic melodic tech now with a contemporary twist by Ada - stunning.

Kretipleti – Freadsinit (Other Heights)

Contemporary acid bubbles and builds into a titan.

Dax J - New Beginnings (Affin)

Hypnotic techno floor filler - dark and thumping.

George Apergis - Quelle (Zadig Remix) (Modular Expansion)

New techno label from Greece produces groovy hypnotic techno - released in LTD Edition coloured Vinyl.

Chris Page - 2 derailleur (Rebekah remix) (Affin)

Thumping kick drum dominates, and then doubles up for a pure stomp.

Undo - 1 Undo - Password (The Hacker Remix)

Old school electro remix from The Hacker, immense.