GR Ant’s floorfillaz

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A pick of the latest club tunes.

Last Waltz - Trinket

COSMIC voyage with chugging beats, swirling pads and a deep sprawling bass groove. Builds with percussive work-outs and a dreamy melody. Epic.

Capablanca & T.Keeler - Acido

PSYCHEDELIC electronica with a Balearic twist. Fusing elements of disco, techno, and tripped out electronica this is a marathon 13-minuter. Melted.

Fideles - Wanna Do

THESE two tracks from Rio De Janeiro - Deep Fever and Wanna Do - are both brilliant. Funky house with subterranean vibes. Deep.

Crowdkillers - El Guapo

THIS San Diego duo are set to be the next big thing, greasing the floor with Latin-influenced grooves full of funk, jazzy chords and bongo barrages. Killer.

Ossie – Supercali

FOUR-TRACKER with crossover appeal and elements of garage, classic house and R’n’B. Dope.