Grant Paterson’s Floor Fillaz

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Electric Rescue - Dope

SNAPPY highs and a bouncy bass loop build an infectious groove. A jangling melody lifts this right up and seals it . Ace.

Oliver Klein - Straight To The Point

TRIPPY loops, reverbed percussion rolls, acid stabs and a booming bass groove blows it wide open laying waste to any dance floor. Explosive.

Mikh Solvis - Zakat, Original Mix

DEEP rolling synths and a spacey atmospheric melody play out like the soundtrack of a 80s movie, albeit a dark one. The melody draws you in as echoes. Jets of air and bleeps take it further into hypnotic territory. Brilliant.

Psycatron - Memories of the Moment

BALEARIC tech beast fresh from John Digweeds stable. Expect a seriously infectious groove with a heaven soaring melody. Techno bomb.

Various Artists - Hot Creations Post Summer Sampler

Pt 2 ESSENTIAL. Deep avant garde house music with an 80’s vibe and vintage appeal. Three seriously groovy tracks. Buy