Grant Paterson’s Floorfillaz

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Roderik Flohil & Wietse Smit – The Gumball Machine

Leftfield electronica with a funky groove and comical robotic vocal. The lyrics are rude, making for one of the coolest tracks kicking around. Bizarre.

Jordan Peak – What Is House?

Jackin’ house with a strong vintage Chicago flavour, cooks up an explosive groove as the vocal screeches “This is a dedication to house music . . .” Nailed.

Dale Howard – Tonight

Hypnotic organ riff grooves as pumpin’ percussion snaps and the soulful vocal swims in to old school waters. This track is off the scale, period. Awesome.

Nik Frattaroli – Synesthesia

Deep, atmospheric bass rummbler. Subtle noises jangle and echoes, panning left and right. Fills the soundfield with an audio experience which is quite simply unparalleled. Breathtaking.

Miami Ice – Kehta

Upfront house track with the “sub sub” organ vibe. Such a cool track which sounds amazing when cranked right up and fired through a meaty PA system. Nice.