Hanks and Conran: An unusual duo

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FRENCH and Saunders. Wood and Walters. Both the epitome of the double-act and duos every aspiring two-some look up to. Susan Hanks and Lou Conran, who make their Fringe debut at Just The Tonic, admire them too, although their act is probably more Two Ronnies than Dawn and Jennifer.

BECOMING a double act is a bonding experience. It’s the realisation that there’s someone else in the world who’s just as big an imbecile as you. They can show you up in public and it doesn’t matter, it makes you proud.

We were bought up on French and Saunders. They paved the way for women like us to behave the way we do behind closed doors, in public. I’m sure Morecambe and Wise too shut themselves away for an entire weekend drinking cider, eating crisps and plotting world domination, whilst wearing knickers on their head, but the discipline was very different back then - they probably drank ale.

Then there’s Wood and Walters. Their sketch comedy was sublime, and hard to recreate. There are many W&W wannabes out there, which is why we avoid sketch comedy, besides the initials WW mean something very different to us, and is also something we try to avoid. (Only porkers will get that).

We love a good story, a mini adventure, a romp and The Two Ronnies provide a true master class in storytelling.

Cannon and Ball are also a massive inspiration, especially to Hanks who has grown her tache in homage to Bobby specially for Edinburgh.

Hanks and Conran: Pigs In Blankets, Just The Tonic, The Caves, until August 26, 5.20pm, £5-£7.50, www.edfringe.com