High 5: The Boy With Tape On His Face

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1 Worst/most embarrassing moments on stage?  Forgetting tape for face! Forgetting half of costume. Selecting a woman who I thought was a man and accidentally touching her breast... ahhh good times.

2 Sum up a previous Edinburgh Fringe experience in 30 words: The hardest I have ever worked in my entire life, but worth every single ounce of blood, sweat and tears.

3 What/who inspired you to come to the Fringe? I originally came to the Fringe to work as a street performer. After a couple of years doing that I thought I might as well bring an indoor show as well. I still work shows on the street as it is one of my first loves.

4 How much has it cost you to make it to the Fringe? Before bringing my indoor show to the Fringe I streamlined my show at several different festivals around the world over four years, all with the Edinburgh Fringe as a goal. I would hate to think of the total amount I invested into the show over those years.

5 What does the Edinburgh Fringe mean to you? It’s a bit like a holiday in hell. You get to catch up with heaps of friends all doing shows, but there is a certain amount of stress that comes with it. I also met my wife at the Fringe so I have a very happy association with it and get to relive that moment of when we first met every year.

The Boy With Tape On His Face: More Tape, Pleasance Courtyard Grand, August 1–26, 9.40pm, £6-£13.50