Homecoming for artist Susie and her floral works

Artist Susie Capaldi
Artist Susie Capaldi
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A TALENTED self-taught artist who has enjoyed success in the Middle East is returning to the Capital to seek recognition in her home town.

Mum-of-two Susie Capaldi, 57, saw her career start to blossom in the desert city of Dubai, where her specialist artworks of colourful flowers proved a huge draw.

Now she hopes to repeat that success here, after a year in the United Arab Emirates which saw her sell 24 of her artworks and culminated with an exhibition at the Dubai International Finance Centre.

Capaldi, who first started painting just 10 years ago, says, “I came to art later in life and absolutely love the entire process.

“I have painted every single day for the past three years and find it like a form of mediation.

“I have always loved gardening so it was perfectly natural that I drifted towards floral art.

“The variety of colours and textures in flowers and plants are so incredibly rich, it keeps it constantly interesting.

“It’s certainly ironic that I first found success while living in the UAE, since it is pretty much all desert and the only thing you see growing there are palm trees.

“However, that may have actually benefitted me because it makes flowers seem all the more special and people crave a bit of colour.”

Speaking from the family home in Brunstane, she continues, “While I’ve spent most of the past 15 years in Dubai, Scotland is my home.

“I know it is incredibly difficult to crack the art market in Edinburgh, but I’m determined to work at it.

“An exhibition or event in Edinburgh is one of my targets for this year.”

You can find out more about Susie Capaldi and her work at www.susiecapaldi.com