Interview: Ben Pearce, DJ

Ben Pearce
Ben Pearce
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Grant Paterson talks to Ben Pearce.

How did your label PurpSoul come about?

“It was a blog to start with, I came on board and it’s gone from there. We’ve managed to build a super talented roster and we have some exciting releases coming up, it’s great to have something to build.”

Can you explain the creative process when creating a track?

“It’s exactly how it’s said, creative, sometimes it just doesn’t happen and for me it just clicks, I don’t really have a process, I use ableton so it’s great for getting ideas down and arranging them once they start to come together.”

Where does your inspiration come from?

“Everywhere, again a standard answer so apologies, but it’s very true. I’ve always listened to all sorts of music so I guess it comes from there, hard to say exactly where certain inspiration comes from, it’s so natural and organic.”

What’s your favourite piece of studio equipment?

“My laptop to be honest, the software and samples I have is what has let me make my music so far, I’m investing slowly in building a studio but not using gear just for the sake of using gear.”

What do you look for when signing an artist to your label?

“We don’t really have a set criteria, when the feeling is there as it has been with our guys so far. I think we’ve made all the right choices so far.”

How much control do you have over the releases on the label?

“It’s my label, so I decide on all tracks along with my girlfriend Gemma who has impeccable taste and runs the agency for us along with working on the label and management. We haven’t opposed on any decisions so far, we just signed a great record from Shoot The Ghost.”

Which artists have inspired you and who you’d like to either bring on board or collaborate with in the future?

“So many from the UK, Jamie XX, Four Tet, Daphni, Sbtrkt etc, and then there’s the legends like theo Parrish, Harvey, far too many to name really. I grew up listening to bands that had such meaningful lyrics it drew a connection between the music that’s never going to stop. What’s really exciting and inspiring is all the amazing music that’s coming out of the UK, Definitely the best country for it right now.”

• Catch Ben Pearce play Muskia this Saturday @ The Castle Clvb, Queensferry St Lane, 10pm - 3am, £7