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DJ W!ld is a French techno DJ who’s album ‘Palace’ was released earlier this year to rapturous fanfare. He’s worked with the likes of Jamie Jones from Hot Creations (Rendezvous 5th November @ The Green Room) and played all over the world. He spoke to us ahead of his gig at the Movement Festival in Turin.


Hi Duchastel, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to speak to us. So how are you doing today and what’s been happening in the world of DJ W!LD?

I’m doing great thanks. Right now my life is getting more crazy every day, I’ve got a lot of new exciting projects and parties! Plus a new album coming on cabin fever. (radioslave’s label).

What were you like as a kid and what were you into?

I grew up in Dijon... I played basketball and into the whole hip hop culture. It was my religion (break dance, graffiti, etc).

What were your musical influences growing up?

Lots of music such as hip hop, disco, funk, trip hop and all the classics of house music, techno and acid.

What was the techno scene like in Paris in the 90’s?

In the 90’s it was insane. That’s when I started DJing and there were so many clubs and raves. It was because at that time many artists(all kinds of artists - designers, painters, actors, singers, DJs) were living there and participating in the nightlife. Then politics changed everything and clubs began to close or be shut down.

What was your first experience when you realised that this is what you wanted to do?

It was a slow process but when I saw Laurent Garnier playing with Carl Cox in l’Enfer (Dijon) it was the day when it really became clear. L’Enfer was the best club in France at that time. I was already buying vinyl but not really thinking about playing, although vinyl was already a big part of my world.

If you hadn’t been a DJ, what do you reckon you would have ended up doing?

Maybe a designer as I love to draw and painting and create things

Who inspired you to be a DJ?

DJ premier, Jazzy Jeff, Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Derrick Carter, Josh Wink, Sven Vath to name a few.

Your are well travelled, South America, US, Europe - what’s been the biggest party you’ve played at and what was the experience like?

The biggest I don’t know exactly but some were attended by about 60,000 people (Burning man, Donnemondsternne fest, fusion fest etc). The biggest party was on one dance floor in Sao paulo in the middle of the street with 10000 people. it was just amazing! 10,000 people screaming and arms in the air - you know that the crowd is there, ready to explode, its the best sensation

When your on the road do you chill out or do a little work on the move?

It depends but I’ve started lots of tracks on the plane or airport

What’s a day in the life of GUILLAUME DUCHASTEL DE MONTROUGE (DJ W!LD)?

Depending which day but from Thursday till Sunday its generally spent at the airport, in taxis, flights, and clubs! Then Monday till Thursday I’m at the studio and doing label work, some sport basketball or running) and I love to eat good food (favourites are cheese, Italian, Thai, Japanese and good wine)

When approaching the studio, do you have a firm idea of what you want to create or is it more of an organic process?

Most of the time I know what I want before but what’s magic about music is that you never know...

Your album ‘Palace’ came out this year, it’s really cool, packed full of quality vintage sounds, what was the concept behind it?

The concept for my first album was to do tracks made for the dance floor - for DJs, long edits, no pretending, just something simple and easy to listen and dance to. It was dedicated to one of my passions - Djing.

What’s your favourite track on the album?

5445, last summer

Jamie Jones remixed one of your trax recently, who else would you like to work with?

From the Palace album there are remixes coming (and I’m so glad to have on board) DJ SNEAK, KERRI CHANDLER, RADIOSLAVE, JAY HAZE, ART DEPARTMENT, CHRIS CARRIER, SIS, FRIES AND BRIDGES and GAUTHIER DM.

There are so many artists I would like to work with and not only in electronic music so I can’t wait to see what happens next.

You’ve Djed at a number of festivals, and now your heading to Movement Festival in Turin, are you looking forward to it?

Yes of course! I’m excited to do a great gig, have great sensations and listen to good music and have fun with my friends.

Will you drop some unheard trax, or rare grooves?

yes for sure always.

Is there anyone you fancy seeing for yourself when you are there?

Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Lil Louis...

So what’s the plan for New Year and 2012?

I’ve got a few different options for New year’s eve but I’ll be playing somewhere that night for sure. For 2012 my plan is no plan. Doing more music, new albums, pushing my labels Catwash records and the artists on it as much as possible. But most importantly to enjoy and to give my best.