Interview: The Noise Next Door, comedy quintet

Comedy quintet The Noise Next Door
Comedy quintet The Noise Next Door
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Cutting edge impro sketch troupe The Noise Next Door needed their pillows earlier this week after embarking on a 24-hour improvised marathon, during which the public controlled every aspect of their lives; from what they ate, to what they did.

Most Fringe performers look forward to their one day off. That elusive 24-hour period with no show is usually the chance to catch up with some much needed sleep or, for the hard-core, a chance to party without the worry of having to perform a little worse for wear the next day.

Not for The Noise Next Door, however. Instead they embarked on a day- long adventure that began immediately after their show at the Pleasance on Monday night.

From 7pm onwards the comedy quintet - Charlie Granville, Sam Pacelli, Tom Livingstone, Matt Grant and Tom Houghton - worked their way around the Capital, performing one task after another, at the behest of the public, their every move being guided by suggestions online and in person as they improvised their way around the city.

Followers could dictate what they did next, where they did it and in which style they did it.

“We have had an amazing adventure around the city over the last 24 hours and have been everywhere from Arthur’s Seat to the Castle, from the Scott Memorial to some of the tiniest of venues,” said Livingstone, as they arrived back at the Pleasance.

“We had great support from all our comedian friends who are up at the Festival, but the most important people to the adventure were all the folk who followed us on Twitter and kept us going with their brilliant improv suggestions.

“If it hadn’t been for all the great ideas we wouldn’t have been able to do the things we did.”

Widely regarded as the UK’s premier improv comedy troupe, The Noise Next Door are enjoying their fifth year at the Fringe, where last year they scored a five-star review here in the Evening News, our reviewer noting, ‘The sheer volume of laughter that this show produced was astonishing.’

For what they describe as their ‘game-changing fifth run’ the boys are mixing their distinctive brand of improvised scenes and songs with some exciting new ideas - a daily drama.

This year, each performance features the live creation of a brand-new episode of The Adventures of Archie Fox. The daily episode is then uploaded to YouTube every night, featuring suggestions and cameos from that day’s audience.

Over the years, The Noise Next door have also drawn a loyal fan-base and supported the likes of Harry Hill, Al Murray and Alistair McGowan.

Preparing to take a break after their day-long improv session Livingstone revealed that the whole adventure also had a serious aspect to it.

“We’ve been getting every comedian we bumped into over the span of the adventure to complete a postcard of Edinburgh starting with the phrase ‘Dear Fringe...’ and ending with their signature.

“We have amassed nearly 50 of these and will be presenting them to Waverley Care at the end of the Festival for them to auction off in order to raise money for this brilliant charity.”

• The Noise Next Door, Pleasance Courtyard, until August 27, 5pm, £13-£14,