Interview: Tom Jones, ABAGA Records’ director, music producer

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Date of birth: April 4, 1987.

Occupation: ABAGA Records’ director, music producer, care worker, freelance writer, occasional matador.

What sort of pupil were you? I mostly played lacrosse, hit on cheerleaders and beat up nerds.

Were your school days the best days of your life? No, but they were pretty useful in terms of sowing the seeds of my musical career.

What was your first job? Stacking shelves in a supermarket.

What has been your most unusual job? Rickshaw driver.

My biggest achievement so far has been... Helping start a record label that releases music I love.

My worst moment ever was… Realising that there is this other Tom Jones guy who’s been releasing music.

Three words that sum up my personality are... A model citizen.

Three places in Edinburgh I could not live without are...The Bongo Club, Sneaky Pete’s, Cabaret Voltaire.

Who is your best friend? My cat, Snarf.

Which TV show do you never miss? Countdown.

If you could bring one show to Edinburgh what would it be? David Icke’s show, because every body needs to know this town is ruled by extra-dimensional reptoid aliens that live in the Castle and drink human blood.

Name one item you not live without? My computer.

By what ethos do you live your life? We all start from nothing. Nobody owes us anything. So only hard work and determination can really help you to get to where you want to be.