Jamie Neish: Brave new Jurassic World to live up to

Chris Pratt. Pic: PA
Chris Pratt. Pic: PA
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IT has been over two decades since Steven Spielberg brought wonder and amazement to audiences of all ages with Jurassic Park, a film which achieved the impossible and brought an extinct species back to life in a real and captivating way.

Jurassic Park, which remains one of the highest grossing films of all time, was pure cinematic magic. It delivered a delirious combination of thrills, heart and special effects wizardry that continues to entertain to this day.

Two increasingly inadequate sequels were spawned as a result of the film’s success, neither of which felt in any way like worthy successors. The backers arguably agreed, as silence fell upon the series for well over ten years.

Then, in 2013, Universal formally announced Jurassic World, to be directed by Colin Trevorrow and produced by Spielberg. The story was shrouded in secrecy until the first trailer emerged, which introduced a fully realised dinosaur theme park.

Since that first trailer was released upon the world, there has been a ridiculous amount of promotion for the film, from posters and teasers to an inordinate number of clips. Excitement hasn’t waned, however, and the film is tracking to open worldwide.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Jurassic World matches up to Jurassic Park. The landscape of cinema has changed a lot since then and, as can be seen by the footage, the new film leans heavily on CGI where the original didn’t have that luxury.

To match a film that’s not only such a big part of cinema history, but also such an integral part of people’s lives, their memories and love of cinema is a momentous task.

But initial, pre-release word is strong from those who saw it before today’s highly anticipated release. And even if it doesn’t hit the soaring heights of Jurassic Park, it will hopefully be the sequel it has deserved for so long.