Jamie Neish: Let’s hope Lohan can follow Downey

Robert Downey Jr. Pic: Comp
Robert Downey Jr. Pic: Comp
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IN one of the most impressive comeback stories in the history of Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr has been named the highest paid actor for the second year running by Forbes magazine.

The star, who for the past six years has primarily been known as Iron Man in the Marvel superhero films, has made a remarkable career recovery.

At a time not so long ago, 16 years to be exact, Downey Jr was facing the worst period of his life, consumed by drugs and alcohol and all but shunned by the filmmaking business.

He was frequently fired from acting jobs, saw the breakdown of two relationships and even found himself inside a prison cell.

It wasn’t until 2003 that Downey Jr cleaned up his act and he started to pick up acting again, first in The Singing Detective and then in Gothika, which was followed by a string of independent films.

Then came Iron Man. Marvel, and particularly director Jon Favreau, took a big gamble on him, but it paid off, massively. The rest is history.

Now, almost 18 years after his issues with drink and drugs first arose, Downey Jr is one of the most in-demand actors in the business, and in turn can command a huge salary.

Not only is his career revival impressive in itself, but it also goes to show that other actors can do it too.

No matter their history or current situation, Hollywood will likely welcome them back if they prove themselves willing to change.

So, here’s to the career rebirth of Lindsay Lohan. Because, as much as Downey Jr is a decent actor, Lindsay’s revival is a story I’m waiting to happen.

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