Jamie Neish: No nudes is good news for Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence Pic: Comp
Jennifer Lawrence Pic: Comp
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A LEAK of epic proportions this past weekend threw up private pictures of Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown-Findley.

In the olden days of Hollywood, such a sleazy scandal would have easily had a knock-on effect on the careers of those affected, as with the likes of Ingrid Bergman, Robert Downey Jr and Charlie Sheen.

But things have changed. Hollywood these days is a lot more accepting of its stars - even Downey Jr and Sheen have worked their way back into the system.

So, will the recent picture ‘leak scandal’ rock the boat for today’s generation of stars?

The answer is no.

That’s not to say that the next few weeks and months won’t be tricky, with the media likely to throw up a range of questions to try and dig as much dirt as possible.

But in the end, aside from some mild hysteria from snotty-nosed teenagers chomping at the bit to see more of attractive female actresses, nothing much will come of a few pictures being leaked onto the internet.

You only have to look at Scarlett Johansson to see that the future is rosy. The star, who also experienced an indecent invasion of privacy, is arguably enjoying the best year of her career to date, with talky roles in Her, Under the Skin, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Lucy.

This, coupled with the idea that Hollywood has become a lot more comfortable with sex, leads me to believe that Lawrence and the others affected will come away from this ordeal with their heads held high.

After all, if they’re brave enough to own up to their mistakes, and take the embarrassment, they should be able to take on anything else their careers throw at them.

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