Jason Manford is the man in the muddle

Jason Manford
Jason Manford
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JASON MANFORD is multi-talented – presenter, singer, actor, and musicals star, he does it all.

But now, he’s returning to his first love, stand-up comedy as he bring Muddle Class, his first nationwide tour in years, to the Capital on Thursday 3 May.

“Out of everything I do, stand-up is the job I love most. It’s great to be returning to the freedom of being in charge of what I say and do.”

Manford is a performer who possesses funny bones.

“What I love about live comedy is that it’s different from everything else I do. Each night is completely different from every other night.

“I’ve been doing stand-up for 20 years now, and during a gig last night loads of stuff was happening that had never happened to me before.

“I was talking about women’s football, and a woman in the audience jumped to the conclusion that I was slagging it off, whereas I was praising it.

“She got argumentative, but I let her have a say. Then I turned to the audience and said, ‘She is saying exactly the same as me!’ I was a victim of sexism!”

Jason adds, “Things will happen tonight that won’t happen tomorrow and didn’t happen yesterday. Every night is unique. I just love it.”

At The Playhouse, Muddle Class takes an original approach to the British obsession with class.

“Most class comedy is about people aiming upwards and trying to get out of the working class.

“Look at Hyacinth Bucket. But I’m aiming the other way. I’m trying to be perceived as working class, even though my life is now very much middle-class,” he says, adding, “I just want people to have a laugh. I do like comedy with a message. But no one goes away from my stand-up show thinking, ‘I had a really good think there’.”

Jason Manford: Muddle Class, Playhouse, Greenside Place, 3 May, 7.30pm, £31.65-£57.65, 0844-871 3014