JK Rowling admits to editing her looks

JK admits giving herself a makeover.Picture: Ian Rutherford
JK admits giving herself a makeover.Picture: Ian Rutherford
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Harry Potter author JK Rowling has admitted she edited more than her books - but also her looks.

The writer has told for the first time how she consciously got her “act together” after being criticised in the media for looking “unkempt” in the early days of her fame.

Speaking in an episode of Woman’s Hour on Radio 4, that will be broadcast tomorrow Rowling, 48, tells how she deliberately “tidied herself up a bit” as a result of the insults.

The Edinburgh-based writer says she was accused of having “messy” hair in her early days as a successful writer and often found it difficult to read criticism about her appearance.

When asked by presenter Jane Garvey whether she has been compelled to care “quite a lot” about her appearance as a result of her fame, she says:”I would be a liar if I said I don’t care; yes, I care. I found it very difficult, when I first became well known, to read criticism about how I look, how messy my hair was, and how generally unkempt I look.”