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Wojtek The Bear
Wojtek The Bear
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WOJTEK was a bear, but no ordinary bear. This week at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh’s Theatre Objektiv tell the extraordinary tale of the loveable Polish soldier bear, who fought at Monte Cassino.

Wojtek The Bear, by Raymond Raszkowski Ross, is the story of how a man came to mother a bear; of how they went to war together; and of how they then survived in post-war Britain.

An emotive journey from the Soviet Gulag and Persia to the Middle East, Italy and Scotland, it is a tale of love and loyalty, war and peace, heroism and hope.

Directed by Corinne Harris, this two-hander stars John McColl and James Sutherland and is suitable for ages 12 and older.

However, please note, it is not a piece of children’s theatre.

Wojtek The Bear, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Royal Mile, until Saturday, 7.30pm (Saturday matinee 3pm), £7-£9,