Jonathan Melville: Arnie about to rise once again

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. Pic: Comp
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. Pic: Comp
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IT’S been almost 30 years since The Terminator arrived from the future to kill Sarah Connor, and four years since Christian Bale arrived with Terminator: Salvation to kill the franchise.

Now it seems the machines are about to rise once again, with the announcement of a new trilogy supposedly featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and a spin-off TV series which will intersect with the films in some way.

The first film, rumoured to be called Terminator: Genesis, will follow on from a key plot point in the 1984 original, though quite whether we need yet another instalment (or three) in the series is debatable.

News of the TV series doesn’t inspire much confidence at the moment, partly because that other spin-off, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has so far failed to impress.

SHIELD started badly with a pilot that linked to events in Iron Man 3, but not so much that it alienated those new to the Marvel world. Since then there have been nods to other films, including the recent Thor 2, but the series doesn’t feel as ground breaking as it should.

Terminator had its own TV spin-off a few years ago in the shape of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it only lasted two seasons. Perhaps the new version will do better.

Another 80s reboot, RoboCop, is in cinemas next February, 14 years on from the lacklustre TV version the original film spawned. Those films couldn’t feature the type of 18 certificate violence seen in the parent film, though this new version is aimed at a younger audience.

Could a family-friendly RoboCop TV show ever air alongside Terminator on our screens? With a Dark Knight TV spin-off, Gotham, also on the way, perhaps the future of the big screen is actually on the small screen...