Jonathan Melville: Cornetto trilogy draws to close

Simon Pegg as DC Nick Angel. Picture: Universal
Simon Pegg as DC Nick Angel. Picture: Universal
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THEY’VE given us zombies in Crouch End and killers in an English village, now stars Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright return with the third part of their Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, The World’s End.

Named after the famous ice cream, thanks to the presence of a Cornetto in each film, the trilogy comes to an end nine years after Shaun of the Dead and six years after Hot Fuzz, with Pegg and Frost playing childhood friends who reunite to carry out a pub crawl which they failed 20 years previously.

The aim of their mission is to finally reach The World’s End pub, though they soon begin to realise that the villagers have been replaced by robots, meaning that last pint drops further down the priority list.

As a fan of Pegg and Wright’s 1990s sitcom, Spaced, along with the numerous stylistic flourishes which marked it out as different from its contemporaries, I’ve followed these films closely over the years.

Shaun may be a mickey take on the horror genre, but it attempts to stay true to the zombie mythology created by George A Romero in his films such as 1968’s Night of the Living Dead. While World War Z may portray its zombies as fast-moving, Shaun’s take their time to attack.

Meanwhile, Hot Fuzz took its inspiration from dozens of action and police procedural films, mashing them up to create a uniquely British version of a Hollywood blockbuster. It even gave us one-time 007, Timothy Dalton, in a leading role again.

Hopefully The World’s End will end the trilogy on a high, recalling classic sci-fi films from the past for fanboys, while younger viewers simply lap up the action, special effects and humour as the references go over their head.

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