Jonathan Melville: Give Ben Affleck a chance as Batman

Ben Affleck. Pic: Comp
Ben Affleck. Pic: Comp
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THE internet almost imploded at the weekend, following the announcement that Ben Affleck was to take on the role of Batman for 2015’s Batman vs Superman film.

Over 100,000 tweets conveyed the overwhelming sentiment that the star of Daredevil and Gigli was a terrible choice. A petition to remove Affleck from the role has received over 70,000 signatures and the hate keeps coming.

How can a man who has made bad films ever hope to bring credibility to the part of Batman? Following Christopher Nolan’s recent Dark Knight trilogy, the franchise is surely on some kind of pedestal. Affleck has set the series back decades.

It’s all a far cry from February this year when Argo, the film Affleck directed in 2012, picked up the Oscar for Best Motion Picture. Or when he won the Best Director award at the BAFTAs for the same film.

It seems that once again fans have forgotten that films aren’t solely the responsibility of the actors. Terrible scripts, an interfering studio and bad direction are other factors involved.

The situation reminds me of ‘Craiggate’ a few years ago, when it was announced that Daniel Craig was to play James Bond in 007. The fact that he was blonde and had starred in a few less-than-stellar films immediately meant that he was wrong for the role, as the newspapers were happy to announce.

Almost a decade later, Craig is viewed by many as the best Bond, with 2012’s Skyfall becoming a massive hit around the globe.

Ignore the negativity and wait to see what the filmmakers bring us in 2015. I’m more concerned that Zack Snyder is directing the new film, after the dull mess that was Man of Steel. Fingers cross his next attempt will be the classic we deserve.


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