Jonathan Melville: Goatley’s the picture of fun at the Free Fringe

Aidan Goatley: Ten Films with my Dad
Aidan Goatley: Ten Films with my Dad
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WITH the Fringe now well underway, I decided to venture out at the weekend to catch my first show, which rather predictably had a film connection.

Aidan Goatley’s 10 Films with My Dad is a look at the comic’s memories of communicating with his father through the years. Films were what brought them together.

“My earliest film memory is watching You Only Live Twice on TV one Christmas and my first ill-advised cinema trip was to see Jaws,” says Goatley when we catch-up after the performance.

Goatley is also in town with a second show, Aidan Goatley Is On The Mend.

“When I returned from the Fringe last year I had a relapse and spent a couple of months just watching films. When I watched one particular set of films (you’ll have to see the show) my mind was set for the new show.

“I found it quite difficult to find the right approach, though. Mental health is not an easy subject to have fun with and not lose an audience.”

Is it difficult making money as part of the Free Fringe?

“Last year I was very lucky and the audiences were very generous with their donations,” adds Goatley. “The cost of being in a paid show is roughly £10,000, with all the advertising, hire, etc. The Free Fringe really makes it possible for performers to get seen.”

What is he looking forward to at the Fringe?

“The City itself. I just love the history that is so evident in the buildings as you walk around. Also the food. Mosque Kitchen and Mum’s will be frequented often - too often for my waistline. Then there’s the coconut fudge on the Royal Mile...”

Aidan Goatley’s shows can be seen at the Voodoo Rooms, daily.


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