Jonathan Melville: Sir Sean’s saved for nation

Sean Connery. Pic: Comp
Sean Connery. Pic: Comp
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MOST Sean Connery fans can name a handful of his films without the aid of Google, but mention 1960’s Colombe and you’ll probably get a blank stare.

That could change this Sunday as the vintage TV play gets a special scrrening at the Filmhouse. Made at a time when Connery was still dividing his time between movies and television - the role of James Bond didn’t come along for another two years - Colombe is a BBC comedy drama set behind the scenes at a theatre.

Sean plays Julien, a man whose wife starts working at a theatre owned by his mother, only for her to start cheating on him with his brother while Julien is engaged in military service.

It’s a far cry from the suave Sean who would impress worldwide audiences just a few years later, but it’s a performance many thought we’d never see again after the BBC wiped the original tapes following their broadcast.

Thankfully, a copy of the film was discovered in America in 2010 and returned to the British Film Institute in London, the organisation who will be screening Colombe and other TV rarities on Sunday afternoon as part of the Missing Believed Wiped event.

Also included is a rediscovered Doctor Who episode The Web of Fear Part 4. Returned to the BBC after 45 years, it features Patrick Troughton’s Doctor and the Yeti.

Elsewhere there’s a long-unseen interview The Beatles from 1964, a once-lost Eurovision song from Lulu and comedy from John Cleese and Graham Chapman, before they created Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Missing Believed Wiped, Filmhouse, Lothian Road, Sunday, 3.30pm, £8.20, 0131-228 2688


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