Jonathan Melville: Some of 2014’s early big hits

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IT’S the new year, a time to make a resolution to see some great films in 2014, something that’s never easy when the big studios are dishing out sequel after sequel to fewer and fewer returns. Still, there are a number of movies on the way which are worth planning ahead for.

For anyone who sat through all six Rocky movies over the holidays (that’d be me), the return of Sylvester Stallone in January’s Grudge Match (pictured) is surely a milestone event. Sly and Robert De Niro are a pair of ageing pugilists who decide to restage a boxing match from 30 years before. It’ll be cheesy but it’s a must-see for action fans.

George Clooney returns with one of his more interesting projects on February, The Monuments Men. It takes place during WWII and sees a crew of art experts trying to save relics from the Nazis. The trailer looks promising and the cast, including John Goodman and Bill Murray, is strong.

Looking ahead to April, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sees the return of everyone’s favourite web slinger, as Andrew Garfield’s superhero takes on new enemies while trying to keep his personal life in order.

April also sees Arnold Schwarzenegger back on the big screen in Sabotage, which finds him leading an elite team of DEA agents. Things go badly wrong after a drugs bust, and, well, expect lots of guns and a bit of fighting for good measure.

Those are just a few of the titles I’m looking forward to, but I’ll be recommending more as the weeks go on. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed at @jon_melville for the latest updates and let me know what you’re planning to see.