Karen Koren: Anniversary fun list is ballooning

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I may be away in Norway, but it doesn’t stop me getting involved in what is happening at home and at work. Because it is my own business, I am on the phone or email every day, keeping an eye on what is going on. Everything is running smoothly I am glad to say and my staff are working hard.

It is the Gilded Balloon’s 30th anniversary this Festival and Katy, my daughter, is organizing a 30th anniversary brochure. I have had to write an introduction and we have been trying to think of interesting ideas of how to show what has occurred over the last 30 years at the Gilded Balloon.

Not an easy task, as so much has happened and I can’t possibly remember it all. Let’s face it, it’s all well and good telling them that Steve Coogan won his Perrier Award with us and that Bill Bailey, Tim Minchin and lots of comedians started their careers at the Gilded Balloon but it’s not fun, that’s just fact.

So Katy has come up with ‘Fun Facts’, like how many times we get phone calls asking if we sell balloons and it is enough times for us to consider selling them.

We have managed to discover how many applicants there have been for So You Think You’re Funny? over the years (12,236).

We have worked out how many times tickets sold would stretch across the Forth Rail Bridge; how many times Patrick Monahan has crowd surfed at Late’n’Live and won, also how many romances have ended in weddings and/or babies - that we know of.

There is how many comics have performed at Late’n’Live and how many stairs the front of house staff climb in an average shift. How much blue tac is used for posters. The ideas are endless.

There will be lots more. The one I like the most, though, is the best quote, which was. “Rock God’s don’t queue!”when Anita Dobson told a front of house supervisor that her husband, Brian May was too famous to stand in a queue to get into a show!