Karen Koren: Bonfire night to Byrne’s night

Ed Byrne. Pic: Comp
Ed Byrne. Pic: Comp
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HAD a really great weekend combining a Halloween and fireworks party, which was great fun. There was a fancy dress competition for the kids and really good costumes – witches, princesses, cats, skeletons and an amazing Sully from Monsters Inc.

We hung mini-bagels laced with icing on a clothes rail, at all different levels for different age groups. Beside that, we had dooking for apples - kids love to get messy and wet and they did. After this we had a wonderful fireworks display, delivered with aplomb by my brother Rolf. There was only one little burn from the sparklers, so that was not so bad. The fireworks, however, were well out of any child’s reach and were pretty impressive.

The house and the garden looked like a bomb had hit it the next morning and took more than half a day to clear up. The garden still isn’t right, but I will wait until after the fireworks this evening to clear up more. No, I will not be having more fireworks tonight, but I believe there will be more around my area, so await the fallout.

Consequently, I did miss an event on Sunday night that I would have dearly like to have been at.

This was Ed Byrne’s 20 years working as a stand-up. Ed had a party in Glasgow, where he started performing back in his university days. I am sure there would have been lots of lovely people there, however, I have sent him photos of his first few years at the Gilded Balloon, so he can be reminded of how young and pretty he was when he first started.

He is of course still pretty, but with his long hair in those days, we used to compare him to Donna MacPhail, who was a successful stand-up in the early nineties.

Ed is touring around the UK at the moment and like many of his fellow comedians, he has worked very hard over the years and he deserves every bit of his success. Someone who remembers his roots, he is a credit to the world of comedy.