Karen Koren: Broderick goes into comedy training

Rob Broderick. Pic: Phil Wilkinson
Rob Broderick. Pic: Phil Wilkinson
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THE gigs I organised in Stavanger went very well. Jarred Christmas was the perfect host, with Jarlath Regan telling lovely stories about his marriage and the Irish. Tiffany Stevenson was next in the line-up, having come directly from airport, straight off a flight from her gigs in New York.

All in all, a very good evening, but it was Abandoman who stole the shows - the audiences had never seen anything like them and to be honest, were a bit shy of giving out information.

Abandoman, for those who don’t know, are a comedy improv rap duo. Their first song finds them asking the crowd to show them what’s in their pockets and they rap accordingly.

They then pick out members of the audience and improvise about their lives, occupations and aspirations. The language barrier was not really a problem as there are so many British and American oil workers in Stavanger, and, of course Norwegians all speak English.

So Abandoman had no such communication problems, in fact, it was the other way around. The unsuspecting Andre, who was brought up on stage, said his father worked on a platform. Abandoman’s Rob Broderick thought that his father must have worked on the trains and continued singing about Thomas the Tank Engine and making other train-like references. No one told him, which made it all the more hilarious as Rob (oictured) kept choo choo-ing along.

Of course, working on a platform in Norway means an oil platform. Rob was mortified when he came off stage.

The organisers have decided that we will bring comics over a couple of times a year. Roll on next spring.

So all that’s left now is to close the summer house for winter. Luckily we are sending our boat away to be serviced this year, which means I don’t need to think about struggling to pull it out of the water and into our boathouse. Thank goodness, I am getting too old to attempt winching at my age . . . the boat that is.