Karen Koren: Comedy wizards of Oz Down Under

Milton Jones. Pic: Comp
Milton Jones. Pic: Comp
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I’M in the air as you read this, on my way to the Melbourne Comedy Festival, and just slightly nervous after reading about the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. I have nothing to worry about, of course. Flying is the safest form of transport in the world and the likelihood of anything going wrong is probably a million to one. Can’t help thinking about it, though.

I will be in Oz for ten days, and with a bit of luck will discover new talent. Melbourne has one of the largest comedy festivals in the world, with nearly as many comedy shows programmed as the Fringe in August, including the likes of Milton Jones.

I arrive at 2am and upon arrival there will be that inevitable queue for passport control and customs - another couple of hours before my final destination. Bed can’t come quick enough after that.

I will be going to the opening Comedy Gala that evening, so will need to feel somewhat refreshed, if possible.

Then, just as I am getting used to being in a different time zone and recovering from the jet lag, it will be time to fly back.

I’ve already booked a few comedians who will be performing at the Comedy Festival in Melbourne, so will go and see their shows and, hopefully, will be happy with my choices.

Otherwise, I’ll have to study the programme and see if anyone else jumps out at me.

I am particularly looking for family and children’s shows. There does not seem to be enough of that form of entertainment coming to the Fringe.

Since I go to Melbourne every year, I know a lot of the staff who work there - some of them also work for me during August, we get some time to catch up and take some time out to plan my Festival too.

And, of course, Melbourne is also a little bit warmer than it is in Edinburgh at the moment, so I will do my best to relish that too.