Karen Koren: Festival is child’s play compared to grandkids

Andy Gray. Pic: Comp
Andy Gray. Pic: Comp
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I WAS hoping for a bit of a rest after the Festival, but that will have to wait as we are now organising Kiss Me Honey Honey’s tour around Scotland with Andy Gray and Grant Stott, arranging rehearsals, a set, transport, publicity and everything else that touring a show entails.

I am also staying in Dunfermline, looking after the grandchildren while my son and daughter-in-law are away for a short holiday to Krakow, Poland, of all places. They thoroughly deserve a little break. With three children it can be quite hard work, as I know only too well. I am exhausted already and I am only with them for five days.

There is a reason that people of a certain age do not have children and I now have to admit that I am of that certain age - sad, but true. So, for the time being, I will be in my office for half of the day and the other half in sunny Dunfermline. My staff, who were many over the Festival are slowly reducing down to the five that are with me all year round. Though it is great to have lots of staff around, it is also great to get back to the smaller team who help plan our different activities. It means that we can assess how things went this year and how to improve on the future.

There were a few parties after the Fringe, and I hosted a dinner for 39 of our key staff who had made the Festival go well for us. The dinner was good fun and there were the obligatory photos which end up on Facebook. There were speeches and congratulations all round.

I will miss the staff who come from overseas. There are a few from Australia, who return year on year and our production manager is from New York. However, it’s Richard Carrington, who lives in New Zealand, I will miss the most. He has been with the Gilded Balloon for 15 years now and knows everyone who has ever been involved over the last decade or so.

He was given beautiful gold skull cuff-links from the staff and someone gave him a life preserver... don’t ask me why, an ‘in’ joke, I believe.