Karen Koren: Ford and Greg Still Game for a laugh

Still Game: Pic: Comp
Still Game: Pic: Comp
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I WAS very pleased to hear Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill have repaired their differences and are bringing the cast of Still Game back together again. I put on the very first stage production of Still Game and toured it, in the mid-nineties.

Then, the interest from broadcasters was marginal; it took a long time to get a TV channel interested in two young guys, dressed up as old guys, who were still up for living a life.

I have to say, though, it works so much better on television as opposed to the 12,000-seat venue they will perform in next year. Their return has, however, had a great response from the public. Just shows, the power of television.

I will, of course, be there to support the boys. Maybe one day our panto boys, Andy Gray and Grant Stott will attract that kind of audience with Kiss Me Honey, Honey.

They will, of course, first have to show their talent on television, which Andy Gray has already done, years ago on Naked Video and also with the very talented late Gerard Kelly in City Lights, which was a brilliant series on BBC Scotland, and, unlike Still Game, was broadcast on the network.

Such a shame it could not have continued and got the status that Still Game has so obviously gained.

This is very much down to DVD and video distribution, which exists more now than it did in the mid to late 80s when City Lights was broadcast.

Comedy is such a hard medium to be successful in, but once you reach a certain pinnacle, the results are very lucrative.

This sounds like I am complaining - not at all. I am very proud of the performers I have helped over the years and I want nothing more that to keep on doing what I am doing and discover more and more acts.

Just occasionally I would love to be able to promote some comedians or actors that would go on to ‘superstar’ success, then the Gilded Balloon’s future will be secure.