Karen Koren: Fred and Grant living the good Fife

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GRANT Stott and Fred Macaulay are heading up our show at the Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, for the new Fife Comedy Festival, aptly entitled That’s Fife! The show, on April 12, is the climax of a two-week series of events across the Kingdom.

It starts with Rich Hall at the Adam Smith, Kirkcaldy, on April Fools’ day - a great day to see a bit of down and dirty American comedy. Rich is brilliant and knows a bit about Scotland, he always manages to bring a little local knowledge to his performances.

Other acts featuring in That’s Fife! are The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets, The Show-stoppers with their Improvised Musical, and Scottish stand-up card shark Jerry Sadowitz - a genius when he performs his card tricks, though you have to be prepared for a bit of hard and offensive material

On April 10, there’s a First For Fife, in which new, young, up and coming comics, vie for the laughs at the Carnegie Hall.

It will feature the lovely Lucy Beaumont, a runner-up in our So You Think You’re Funny? competition, together with the 2011 winner Tommy Rowson and Tiffany Stevenson and Phil Wang. Compere for the night is comic Iain Stirling. It will be a good night of new comedy.

Obviously, though, the best night will be That’s Fife! Also on the bill wirhGrant Stott (who will sing his own rendition of That’s Fife) and Fred Macaulay on the bill are Vladimir McTavish aka Paul Sneddon, who is a veteran of the Scottish comedy circuit, and the brilliant Scott Agnew, a delightfully honest comic.

Prior to this show I will be on my annual jaunt to the Melbourne Comedy Festival, where I hope to find the next new thing. Heard a rumour that Kevin Bridges will be there too.