Karen Koren: Frehd’s a star of the bubbly clown kind

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I HAVE just had lunch with Frehd Southern Starr – or Frehd Astarr as she is known in show business. Frehd is a beautiful, husky-voiced Australian, who has been running Late’n’Live at the Gilded Balloon for the past seven years.

She is married to the very talented Gordon Southern, who is a great stand-up comedian and will be compering Late’n’Live one night a week during the Festival. He will also perform in his own show, A Brief History of History - this is known as a bit of an edu-tainment marvel!

Gordon tries to cover the complete history of civilization in one hour - with jokes. No mean feat, but by all accounts he manages it.

His lovely wife will also be performing her own unique show for children during the Festival. On these mornings she will become Frehd Astarr the clown, with clowning partner Tim Eeee Presley, all the way from Eleventy-five Jellybean Drive, Clown Town.

I know a lot of people can’t stand clowns, but honestly these two are very talented and down-to-earth clowns, not scary like so many of the circus variety.

They will be presenting their show Ta Daa!, which is full of silly tricks and jokes - including getting a child to stand inside a giant bubble. I saw this show in Australia and the child who got to stand inside was proud as punch.

Of course, Frehd’s idea is to have me stand in the bubble – I have told her that I am far too large to get away with being surrounded by soap, unless of course it’s in a bath tub.

My staff will do anything to try to make a fool out of me. However, I’m sure there are many young children who will be very happy to have the opportunity to stand inside a bubble.

Rather them, than me!