Karen Koren: Fun in Norway, but not on the cheap

Tom Stade. Pic: Comp
Tom Stade. Pic: Comp
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Had a brilliant time in Norway, with Tom Stade, Zoe Lyons and Pete Firman. The weather was gorgeous – a good 20 degrees, which is unusual for that part of the world – so the comedians got to see the country in a very good light. Sparkling blue sea, fjords, mountains and, as Tom (pictured) noticed, a lot of Seven 11 shops!

The cost of living was what they noticed most. Eating out is very expensive and this, of course, became a big part of the comedy. Zoe reckons that it is like getting on the property ladder, getting onto the pizza ladder. Conse-quently, we only really ate out a couple of times.

It was the second year of the Bergen Comedy Festival – aptly named ‘Humor Fest’. Their headliners were Dara O’Briain and Jeff Dunham, an American comedian who sells out stadiums worldwide and is performing at Glasgow’s SECC tonight.

The hospitality in Bergen was second to none, they were very generous with feeding the comedians and giving them beer – which they appreciated. The Norwegian comics all loved meeting the British comics and we were privileged to be there on their last night, so there was a big party and the best Norwegian newcomer was announced.

The winner wins money to come to the Edinburgh Fringe and I offered the newcomer the possibility to perform in one the heats of So You Think You’re Funny? This was enthusiastically accepted and he will have to do the set in English, which may be a bit of a challenge. Look forward to see how he manages.

I was looking forward to taking part in this year’s Re:Boot Camp at Barony Castle Hotel near Peebles from May 30-June 1, but I will be at the Kilkenny Cat Laughs Comedy Festival instead. The Re: Boot camp has a pool to recover in and will have a celebrity nutritional coach, which I so need!