Karen Koren: Funnily, I’ve left you in good hands

Justin Moorhouse. Pic: Comp
Justin Moorhouse. Pic: Comp
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I ONLY have a few more days in the freezing Capital before I leave for Australia. I just can’t wait, not that I’m looking forward to the long-haul flight. The heat, however, will be very welcome.

While I’m airborne on Saturday, the Gilded Balloon will be presenting the third in a series of shows at the Festival Theatre Studio. On the bill this month we have the deadpan Irish comedian Michael Redmond, whose dry sense of humour never ceases to amuse.

We also have Scottish comedian Scott Gibson, described by Frankie Boyle as a natural, gifted, and unapologetic storyteller. Headlining is the very charming Justin Moorhouse, pictured.

Apart from his appearances in Phoenix Nights with Peter Kay, Justin is also the voice of the VimToad in the Vimto ads. His charm is by far his biggest asset and it’s hard to imagine anyone would be immune to his infectious, joyful energy.

The show will be ably compered by Katie Mulgrew, who has comedy in her genes as daughter of the 70’s comedian Jimmy Cricket.

In the meantime, I will be arriving jet-lagged at the Adelaide Festival, which will be in its final week. There will be so many shows to see.

My first stop will be The Garden of Unearthly Delights, where my daughter Katy is working, she will bring me up to speed with all the shows that have been doing well and tell me which of them would like to come to the Fringe.

I have probably mentioned this before, but while I am there I will be competing against other venues searching for the good shows. So it becomes a bidding war against each other for the best shows.

We win some and we lose some, it’s the name of the game and not one that I enjoy.

It’s the more difficult part of my job as only now and again do you pick up a talent like Tim Minchin. Maybe this year will be that year, hope so.