Karen Koren: Hijinks with ladies of a certain age

Dylan Moran. Pic: Comp
Dylan Moran. Pic: Comp
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I HAD a significant birthday celebration over the weekend, which was really fun. Obviously, I am not going to reveal how old I am, but put it this way, I should really be retired – but I am not about to, I do not feel the need to retire and I have so much more I need to do, before I hang up my hat.

The celebrations started with the girls at the Gilded Balloon dressing up in white/blonde wigs. I walked into the office in the morning and they all sat at their desks pretending to type with these blonde bobbed wigs on.

I burst out laughing – they did say that they thought it could have gone either way and I might have been furious, but it was funny watching them all trying to imitate me.

They also presented me with a framed photo of them in their wigs, which now has pride of place in my office.

In the evening we had a lovely dinner with 24 friends and family. It was a bit noisy, a few speeches, mainly by me. Steve Frost and his wife Janet came up from London. Dylan and Elaine Moran where there and Pete Irvine, with flowers and champagne from Bill Bailey and his wife.

At the beginning of the meal I went to the Ladies, as you do, on the way a gentleman with white hair and handlebar moustache said to me, “Are you not going to say hello, Karen?”

He proceeded to tell me that he went out with me 40 years ago. He asked if I remembered him and I had to confess that I did not, well he had obviously changed considerably.

He was sitting with his wife, who also knew me, she said, I had worked with her brother in Hendersons many years ago. I felt quite bad that I had forgotten. Later in the evening one of my guests persuaded the guy to come in to the restaurant to kiss me, to the delight of everyone, bar me. I did not kiss him and it was all in good humour.

I am now on a detox diet for the rest of the week.