Karen Koren: I dreamed I met Susan Boyle at a fine show

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I WENT to I Dreamed a Dream the other night, it was amazing.

Can’t say that I was all that interested in Susan Boyle’s journey to super stardom. However, the show was absolutely brilliant.

Elaine C Smith played the part of Susan believably, stating at the beginning that she is telling the story of what Susan feels inside, but can never express to the outside world.

Elaine and Alan McHugh, who co-wrote the musical, have done a wonderful service to the star of Britain’s Got Talent, telling her story as she could never have done.

Which means you come away with an understanding of what an amazingly sad yet uplifting journey Susan has been on... and it’s not over yet.

Elaine never leaves the stage throughout, her singing is strong and her acting superb - she has made this part her own and you can tell that she is very close to it.

The other cast members are good too, especially Andy Gray, who brings light relief in parts.

At the end, a standing ovation met the cast but as people started to leave, Susan Boyle herself made her entrance.

It was a magical moment.

She sang I Dreamed A Dream and her voice is stunning. She only had to stretch out her arms and the audience went mad.

We were invited for drinks with the cast after the show, and Susan came out with six women - minders or family, not sure which.

Of course, everyone wanted to talk to her. I chose not to be one of the ones clamouring to shake her hand, as there were more than enough people trying to speak to her. I felt for her, as she smiled and said thank you.

You should go and see it before it finishes, you won’t regret it.