Karen Koren: New year reasons to be cheerful

Eddie Redmayne stars as Professor Stephen Hawking in 'The Theory of Everything'. Pic: Comp
Eddie Redmayne stars as Professor Stephen Hawking in 'The Theory of Everything'. Pic: Comp
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HAPPY New Year everyone - and weren’t the Capital’s Hogmanay celebrations just wonderful?

Lily Allen, Soul II Soul and Bjorn Again - what brilliant programming for the Concert in the Gardens. Of course, I wasn’t there; not sure I could handle all the jostling for position that goes on. I was in the warmth of a lovely apartment with a few friends and enjoyed watching the fireworks from their balcony. We had a wonderful view and when my daughter Katy and her friends came home, they told me all about the concert.

Katy and her friends had a very cunning plan, they wore their all-in- one ski-suits to keep out the cold. Pretty smart I reckon. They looked like they were ready for the slopes but kept toasty warm.

Anyway, now we are back at work and I find it takes a few days to get around to returning to the swing of things. Positivity and motivation is the way forward.

I am sure most of us have New Year resolutions - not to eat too much, to get fitter, take off weight, no drinking in January...

While I’m sure the good intentions are there, they are hard to stick to. There really is no point in giving ourselves an impossible task at the beginning of the year.

Be positive and take each day as it comes is my resolution. I’m also going to be open to new ideas and challenges, to learn something new each day, no matter how small.

I think this approach is a result of going to see The Theory of Everything, starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, the other day.

What an amazing film; if it doesn’t leave you feeling positive, nothing will. It is an absolutely enthralling film charting the life of Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde, a love story primarily, together with the appalling hardships they faced with his deterioration from motor neurone disease. The film is warm and funny with a tour de force performance by Redmayne. A must-see for 2015 - it will make a difference.