Karen Koren: New year targets are child’s play for me

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TWO and a half weeks into the new year and I have had only two wine drinking evenings. That is not bad for me, I can tell you. Not sure how long I can keep it up, though.

My resolutions are not easy to keep up. I have resolved to get fitter, take off weight and not drink too much. Well, isn’t that what we all want, to be perfect? Perfection does not come easily and those who are, let’s face it, have to suffer for their perfection. Going to the gym for two hours a day and eating only lettuce leaves is not for me. Though as we all know moderation in all things, is the way forward.

I have started this year in a very positive frame of mind and I intend to continue with this feeling, it makes for a happier me and hopefully it rubs off onto others.

I had a lovely weekend babysitting my granddaughter. I danced with her and played with her and we laughed and had a really good time. We went for walks in the cold crisp sunshine at the Botanics and Cramond. You can’t beat Edinburgh in the sunlight.

Now it’s back to work and, believe it or not, the Festival Fringe is already being planned big time. I am being inundated with new applications from all over the world. Some exciting stuff coming my way.

This is when the planning is paramount; I need to get a good balance of productions. Looking forward to presenting some interesting work, though I cannot reveal anything as yet as it would spoil the enjoyment of launching the programme in the spring. Spring is also when I will be going to the Highlands to Happyness, the Inverness Comedy Festival.

I am also planning some new work to be presented with Pleasance at Teviot Row House, our Festival home. We aim to do interesting things with the students’ union this coming year. Still in the planning stages. However, it is new beginnings for us, which will be exciting, so watch this space.