Karen Koren: No pain, weight gain as winter gloom looms

Diana Moran The TV "Green Goddess". Pic: Comp
Diana Moran The TV "Green Goddess". Pic: Comp
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I AM back with my lovely trainer Cheryl, after a break during the Festival. I do feel guilty that I do not train during the Fringe - wish I could make myself.

I envy these people who go for runs regularly and keep in shape by constantly watching what they eat and doing regular exercise. I know it is essential for a long and happy life, but how many of us can really stick to it? Not only is it hard work, it is also boring.

My nights at home watching television before the coming winter consists of guzzling nuts, fruit, berries, chocolate, Cornettos and lemon ice lollies. Not all on the same night, I hasten to add, but the guilt is there. I have to go to bed early to stop eating.

What is it with us girls, that we fall into the trap of boredom eating? The training I do two to three times a week becomes all the more difficult due to my guilty pleasures.

At the moment I am hobbling about because I have stiff limbs from exercising and using muscles I didn’t know existed. It’s my back that seems to suffer and compensate for my stomach muscles not working hard enough. I am also doing aerobic exercises, which include running in the garden for the moment. It just makes me feel like a child, reminding me of the times at school when I couldn’t keep up with everyone else.

Truth be told, I did do a lot better than I realised in those days; its now that all the problems exist. So stop eating, Karen, I say to myself... but do I?

Keeping busy is, of course, the key. Which is what I plan to do this autumn. I have a big family gathering this week, while my cousin and her husband are here from Australia. I am preparing a buffet, trying to make it healthy food, of course, but we know that some over- indulgent foods will make their way in there and what will I do – eat them. It’s just too easy. And we have to enjoy some of the good things in life.

Don’t we?