Karen Koren: Putting the boot in does work

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WELL I did it! I did the Re:Boot bootcamp. Can’t quite believe it. I was one of their star pupils. Of course, I probably had more than most to lose - not that I lost loads, but I lost inches, which I am informed is good.

I approached it more like a country house weekend than a bootcamp, which turned out to be the right attitude to adopt.

There was a chef, who prepared the most delicious (small) meals and in between the pain there were snacks, so there really was never a chance of starving.

The worst thing was getting up at the crack of dawn, having a tiny snack with hot water and lemon, then heading outside for an hour’s workout before breakfast. That was hard, especially since the weather was icy. But I made it, and I want to thank Anne and Gill for their amazing work.

Bootcamp has given me the kick-start I need to look more positively on everything. I haven’t had a glass of wine for a week, I know I won’t be keeping that up, but it does no harm to have a wee break.

The pressure is building up in the office, too, with the early-bird deadline for the Fringe, which gets shows on sale earlier. This puts more pressure on my staff; not me so much, as I feel it is fine to put the bigger shows on sale now, but the smaller shows are much better waiting until all is revealed in June.

Sound like I am being negative? No. It’s just that The Fringe has been presenting shows for more than 60 years now and not many folk are interested in buying tickets for a small act from Bogner Regis in March.