Karen Koren: Rome is where the heart is

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I’M going to Rome next week and am very excited as it’s a first. My brother and his partner are taking our youngest brother for his 50th birthday.

We took him to Paris for his 40th and, short of my brother’s partner Irene showing off her French speaking skills and demonstrating how she knew Paris better than I, we had a great time.

I do hope that she doesn’t speak fluent Italian or have a similar knowledge of Rome. If she does there might be a severe falling out.

It is certainly different going away with family than with friends because you can really say what you like.

In many ways it is better, because you can relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about the others too much.

In Paris we went to the Lido, which was amazing and I have to say, I haven’t experienced cabaret better - they even had an ice rink which came up through the floor. It truly was worth the money, and being Paris, it wasn’t cheap.

I will not necessarily be looking for entertainment in Rome. There’s just so much to see... and then of course, there’s the food.

Luckily, food is something that Irene and I both agree on.

We enjoyed some lovely meals in Paris but I sincerely believe that Italy will top them. All the walking - Rome is built on seven hills - will certainly give us an appetite.

We will, naturally, visit the Vatican to try to spot the Pope. I don’t suppose he will be on his balcony, that would be too much to expect. Still, you never know.

I will also be throwing three coins in the Trevi Fountain and imagining I am Audrey Hepburn - who I am not anything like.

In order for the wishes to come true you have to throw the coin to the back to the fountain with your right hand over your left shoulder.

I shall probably only throw one coin as this means that you will return to Rome. A second means you fall in love with an Italian and a third that you will marry them.

No thanks, been there done that!