Karen Koren: Scott Gibson laughs in the face of death

Scott Gibson celebrates his best newcomer award. Picture: Toby Williams
Scott Gibson celebrates his best newcomer award. Picture: Toby Williams

The autumn is bringing new beginnings. Since the Festival I have taken on the management of the very talented Scottish comedian Scott Gibson.

Scott won the Lastminute.com Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Newcomer at this year’s Fringe with his show, Life After Death, about returning from a friend’s stag weekend in Blackpool and his brain exploding – he suffered a massive brain haemorrhage. So, Scott did what any self-respecting Glaswegian man would do; he went back to bed and slept for four days, eventually waking up to discover he was blind in one eye.

Life After Death tells the story of the three weeks that changed Scott’s life forever. From Blackpool to Glasgow to the Neurology Capital of Europe . . . Govan, Gibson’s debut is at once a darkly hysterical and inspiring show, delivered with the trademark filthy charisma that Scott has rapidly become renowned for. Life After Death is a tale of love and pain, and fear and hope. It’s about overcoming insurmountable odds, and how comedy can bring you back to life. Scott has been touring with Frankie Boyle and is described by Boyle as ‘A natural gifted storyteller’.

Scott will be performing at the Lyric Theatre London on October 31 as part of the awards prize. He will also be performing a four-week run at The Soho Theatre, London over Christmas and New Year and into January, performing Life After Death. During the autumn and spring we will be touring it in Scotland and England extensively.

Scott has just been down to London and appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Midweek. He also appeared with Tony Law on Lastminute.com’s Comedy on the Underground, where they appeared on the Saturday night Tube on the Central Line. Commuters must have thought there was something very fishy going on. Many of the passengers, just stared at the comics not wanting to commit to being a part of it. Not sure it will catch on. We have more chance of it catching on in Scotland; comedy on the Edinburgh to Glasgow service, or maybe it should be the Glasgow to Edinburgh train – depends which city you think has the best sense of humour!