Karen Koren: Spreading the comic news in Norway

Tiffany Stevenson. Pic: Comp
Tiffany Stevenson. Pic: Comp
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I HAVE been on my post festival holiday in the south of France. It has been relaxing, yet busy at the same time. My cousins from Norway have bought an apartment an hour’s drive from where I have been staying, and I have had to visit them to give my seal of approval of their lovely apartment.

Other friends with their three-year-old twins have also been here and I have had great fun on the beach with them trying to build sandcastles in very stoney sand and trying hard to explain why the wet sand would not make a proper big fortress with a moat.

I have only one day left before I fly home for a day in the office, which will be good to see how all is shaping up for our autumn and winter plans.

The next day I am flying to Heathrow Airport to meet with four comedians who I am taking to Norway for the Stavanger Comedy Festival.

I have taken comics to Stavanger on quite a few occasions, people like Jo Brand, Bill Bailey, Stephen K Amos, Glenn Wool, Tim Minchin and quite a few others.

This time it is a compilation show with Jarlath Regan, Tiffany Stevenson (pictured), Jarred Christmas and Abandoman. They will be performing three shows over two days.

The Festival is very much a Norwegian affair, with our show the only English-speaking one. The audiences are really appreciative, though, as they understand English well and there are a lot of English speaking residents, due to the oil industry.

The Norwegians are amazing hosts at these events and I am trying to organise a regular British comedy night there.

We shall see how we get on on this trip. I will also show the guys a bit of the countryside, then drive further south to close up the summer house for the winter. A job one that has to be done every year. Just makes me think of the long dark nights ahead and how it feels like an age until we can open it up again. Can’t wait.