Karen Koren: Talented Tim won’t betray us as Judas

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Looking forward to next week when I will be in Glasgow to see Tim Minchin in Jesus Christ Superstar at the SECC.

It is not my favourite experience, seeing a show in a huge barn of a place where you mostly have to watch the action on a big screen. However, in Tim’s case, I am happy to make an exception.

It’s been a long-held dream of Tim’s to perform Jesus Christ Superstar in the UK. He already performed it in Australia during college.

You may think due to his appearance that he’ll be playing Jesus, but that is not the case - he is playing Judas Iscariot.

I have to say the Bible and Andrew Lloyd Webber have never been my bag, however, for Tim, I’ll be there to see how it’s done in an arena setting. They must be doing something right as it’s already sold out in most venues.

The main characters are played by Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice), the Spice Girl with the strongest voice, though maybe not when you heard how awful their voices sounded in the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

Mel C is playing Mary Magdalene; Chris Moyles is King Herod (didn’t know he could act) and also starring is Ben Forster, who won the ITV Superstars.

Then there is Tim, who seems to have top billing and is the star of the show. Who would have thought that a lovely, talented boy from Perth, Australia, in only six years is now topping the bill in one of the hottest musicals.

Of course, added to that he has written the music and lyrics of The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Matilda, which won loads of awards and is about to move to Broadway. Not bad for a hick from Hicksville!