Karen Koren: The festival season starts with a big bang

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We launched with a bang last Thursday (literally, there were pyros) and we have had a very busy weekend. Edinburgh has transformed itself into festival city and there are lots of people around enjoying the festival vibe.

With lovely weather all weekend, it brought the crowds out to enjoy what we have to offer. It now remains to be seen if the audiences keep on coming. The beginning of the week is always 2 for 1 ticket offers, and there is so much to see.

Kiss Me Honey, Honey with Grant Stott and Andy Gray has been selling out since we opened last Wednesday and the play is a hoot. It could be nothing else with these guys.

It appears that they are good friends with another hit play, Eric and Little Ern, which is about Morecambe and Wise. They are very like the real thing, Jonty Stephens who plays Eric is a little slimmer and Ian Ashpitel is a wee bit wider Little Ern.

The show is devised by the performers and scriptwriter Eddie Braben gave permission for the Morecambe and Wise material to be used, before he sadly died recently.

Caroline Rhea, famously known as Aunt Hilda in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, is hilarious and also selling very well.

Jenny Éclair’s show is absolutely brilliant and very woman-friendly. Caroline, Jenny and I went to dinner after the second night and bonded. They had never met before but they got on so well, had lots in common.

Sean Hughes is back at the Gilded Balloon and what a strong new show he has this year - it’s great to have him back.

Greg Proops is doing two shows while he is here and his stand-up act is hilarious. There was a bit of a glitsch with his podcast the other day and we are going to re-record it tomorrow. He has a huge following in the States, who download his podcasts and will hopefully look to getting some new followers while he is here.

Then we have the wonderful Late’n’Live, which has been selling out over the weekend.

The best of the comedy around the Festival, every night, see you there.