Karen Koren: The joys of flying for 24 hours in itchy socks

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I’M back and jet-lagged – why does Australia have to be so far away? 24-hour travelling is a nightmare, especially if you are stuck in a window seat with two strangers beside you.

I watched countless films and tried not to go to the toilet too many times so as not to disturb the sleeping passengers beside me.

It is nearly impossible to sleep on long haul, I find. The first leg from Melbourne to Singapore was only seven and half hours, not too bad. I took in three films, two mini-bottles of white wine and a terrible lamb meal. Then two hours wandering about Singapore airport, shaking my legs to ensure no deep vain thrombosis. I had put my very tight socks on which itch like mad.

I did, however, manage to keep the socks on for at least 30 hours and when I eventually hobbled into my house they were stuck to my legs. I had to peel them off very carefully, leaving the old calves smarting... ouch, still no DVT for me.

So, arriving into London at 5.40 am then getting an 8 am flight to Edinburgh, I felt like a walking zombie. Of course, it is very important not to lie down and take a snooze when you get back as the jet-lag will just kick in at two or three in the morning.

I kept active and went to bed around 10pm, a reasonable hour after 36 hours awake. I was wide awake by 2.30am - must be all my years of late nights that does it. Stayed awake until 4am then dozed until 6.30am then up with the lark – literally. Don’t think I will have anymore jet-lag now, as I feel like I always feel, busy, overtired and grumpy.

Still, I had a really great time in Australia at Melbourne’s comedy festivals, but really, there is no place like home and I am really, really glad to be back.