Karen Koren: The many talents of Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin.Pic: Comp
Tim Minchin.Pic: Comp
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I WAS delighted on reading my Sunday newspaper supplement to see half of the very familiar face of Tim Minchin on the front cover.

My first thought, of course, was ‘Why did I not know about this?’, but then I read on and discovered it was about his beat poem Storm, which has been made into a graphic novel.

It seems such a long time ago now that Tim came to the Capital for the first time and literally took the Fringe by storm. He became one of the first entertainers to be catapulted to super-stardom through his shows performed at the Gilded Balloon. Within nine years he has managed to win a string of awards, write music and lyrics for Matilda which is on Broadway and in London’s West End and is currently going to Australia.

He is now living in the Hollywood Hills with his wife and two children, working hard for Dreamworks writing an animation feature entitled The Larrikins, which is Australian slang for mischievous youths.

Dreamworks have not only asked Tim to write all the lyrics and music, but to also direct the movie, which is due for release in 2018. Pretty amazing stuff and, on top of all of this, Tim is also writing the music and lyrics to a new musical, Groundhog Day.

The graphic novel came about after the beat poem Storm was featured in his show. Illustrator and animator DC Turner, with writer Tracy King, were in the audience and contacted Tim and asked if they could make an animated short film of the poem.

It became a YouTube hit. Tim said, “I am glad this poem has been made into a book. Now I can literally hit people over the head with my opinions.

“I love the book, it is a unique artefact, a graphic poem about rationalism. I love it because it is something I created and its been taken out of my hands and made into something new. What Tracy and Dan have done is incredible.”

I am sure that it will do great business for Christmas. I know a few people I will be giving it to.