Karen Koren: There’s no place like home even with trams

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AT last, I am back in Edinburgh. It seems ages since I’ve been at home, though in reality it has only been ten days. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to being here to enjoy the darker mornings and evenings.

As you may know, Casablanca - The Gin Joint Cut, the very funny show I produced at the Festival, has been touring. It’s been in London for the last two weeks, where it runs for another week before coming back to Scotland to play at Musselburgh’s Brunton Theatre.

I had a great time in London and was there specifically to promote the show. The first night went really well, and the reaction was fantastic - standing ovation and lots of great feedback. Fellow Scot and star of Taggart Alex Norton was there to support his pals. He just loved it.

I did have time to have a little chat and drink with them and it seems Taggart is not being made anymore which is such a shame. Though it’s really exciting that he was one of the voices in Disney’s Brave, which must have been a great experience.

After meetings with a few TV executives (trying to persuade them to take some ideas I have, which, of course, I think are brilliant), I had a lovely lunch with the Gilded Balloon’s sponsors.

The only thing I have against London is that it is so hard to get from A to B. At one point traffic was so bad it took an hour to get to the tube station, and then it was closed. My daughter Katy had to drive me across London, which took double the time because of roadworks.

The next day when I went to get the train to the airport, again the station was closed due to works on the line. We think it’s bad here with the tram works... but London is worse!