Karen Koren: Tim’s stars are worth a Minchin

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I AM going down to London at the beginning of the week to attend the press night of the musical Matilda, with lyrics and music by Tim Minchin.

I went to the first showing of the musical last year in Stratford-upon-Avon with the Minchin family. It was just amazing and now that it has gone into the West End, it will be doubly amazing.

The whole show was fantastic and the child actors were outstanding. The girl who played Matilda was perfect for the part and how she managed to remember all these lines was just brilliant.

They have four Matildas as one young girl couldn’t possibly play the role for eight shows per week in the West End – for one thing it’s illegal, I think.

I cannot give the show enough superlatives. It is a show for children, for grown-ups and anyone with a heart. Everyone should go.

They are saying in the press that it is the saviour of British musical theatre and I agree as it is so new and fresh.

Tim has already been shortlisted for Best Stage Work in the British Composer Awards 2011. The Royal Shakespeare Company have also won several awards at the Theatre Awards UK 2011 and the Evening Standard Awards for Best Musical Production, and also Best Actor to Bertie Carvel for his brilliant portrayal as Miss Trunchbull, the character of the hard-nosed headmistress of Matilda’s school.

For me, however, it is the children who should take the accolade as they are all outstanding. You can see the work that has been put in to this production and it is worth every penny for the cost of the ticket.

I will be attending with Tim’s mother and father and Tim’s beautiful wife, Sarah, who tends to get a bit of a hard time from Tim on stage.

However, she is a stalwart and does not take it all sitting down, I can assure you. In fact, in the home it is Tim that is kept with his feet firmly on the ground.