Karen Koren: Time to plan your Fringe fun

Fringe brochure 2014. Pic: Comp
Fringe brochure 2014. Pic: Comp
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The ‘UnBoring’ Fringe brochure has now been launched and the fight for shows to sell tickets has started.

Though it began a month or so ago for us, it is with the official Fringe brochure launch that it all begins in earnest. Every year they say it is going to be the biggest Fringe ever, this year it seems it is, with over 3000 shows taking part. It amazes me how big it has become.

Next year will be Gilded Balloon’s 30th year at the Fringe, which is an achievement in itself, but when you think how the Fringe has survived, we are just a small part of the bigger picture.

The vast brochure, which is beginning to look more like a telephone directory with photographs, is mind boggling - where to start, what shows to go and see. It is much easier once the Fringe has begun and there is a buzz about shows, but to pick shows at random from the brochure is hard.

Obviously, I am going to say start with the shows at the Gilded Balloon, where you could spend most of the Fringe and still not have seen all that’s on offer.

Nancy Dell’Olio telling all her stories of fame and fortune, Russell Grant performing ‘Strictly Edinburgh’ and the familiarly funny one liners from Barry Cryer will all be there.

There are shows for kids with Radio Forth presenting Kids Do Forth on the Fringe. The Umbilical Brothers are doing a kids show not for kids, and David Collins, the one with curly hair, will do a real kids show called The Luck Child.

Go to our website or get hold of our joint venue brochure for Assembly, Gilded Balloon, Pleasance and Underbelly, where you will find the best comedy, theatre and entertainment at the Fringe.

There are always little gems to discover at the Fringe, I will be suggesting some over the next few weeks.